Monday, 3 July 2017

Playground plan

planning for our playground 

I'm designing a playground using force, with Sharnika. We'll be working in the art area we haven't started yet because we had maths. A struggle I'm encountering is that we didn't get to start. An improvement I need to make is definitely to start our model playground because we've only got three more days!!! My next step is to paint the cardboard, we chose green, My following steps are 
Gather our equipment 
Paint the cardboard
Make the jungle gym 
Then make the tire swing
 Make the tree 
 Make the flying fox
Make the spinning thing
Stick the tire swing to the tree
Stick everything on once the cardboards dry
Add details with vivid
Add the decorations (picnic table, fake flowers etc)
The equipment we need is
Popsicle sticks
Crazy straws
Mini tires
Hot glue gun
Toilet paper roll
Coloured Paper

Sunday, 2 July 2017

My Special Place

My Special Place 

I love it how my fluffy teddies cuddle me with their big teddy arms.

 I love snuggling up in my warm sleeping bag it makes me want to go to sleep.

And I love having it nice and dark while I am asleep it comforts me.

 My special place makes me feel so good.

 And just in case I always have my night light just to be sure. 

And that's my special place.

by Brooklyn

High ropes

High Ropes 

High rope was our second activity. At the time just looking made me feel confident, Until I buckled up, checked off, and started to climb. 

I thought I had the easy one but I actually had the hardest one, the playground.
While I was climbing I felt really scared because I got my foot stuck in the rope ladder and also I couldn't get up. I was about to fall but I had to hold on because I thought the belayers would drop me because they weren't ready.

 After my first attempt I felt sad because I didn't get a proper turn, my second attempt was the Giant's Ladder. It was really hard because it started with beams that were about a meter apart and then they got bigger I only got to the second one.

I was really exhausted after because I had to stretch my legs really high. After that I was either the belayer, backup belayer or the cheerleader.


What I’ve done: I this term I made catapults.
What I found out: I found out you need rubber bands so the catapult can pull back the spoon to launch the object, you also need a lot of sticky tape so you can hold the catapult together.
What I wonder: if I can use less popsicle sticks to make a catapult?

Monday, 26 June 2017



What I've done: this week I made rocket balloons

What I found out: I found out how to measure the angle of the string 

What I wonder: I wonder if I can make the string go onto a 90 degree angle 



What I've done: today I made a golf course 

What I learnt: I learnt that the distance of how far the ball went depends on how much force you use. And that the barrier  pushes the ball into another direction when the ball hits it. 

What I wonder: I wonder if I can use more force on the ball to get a hole in one.


Science - rocket balloon 
 Week 8

What is force?

Force is a push and pull motion, 
Pull: is when you pull something towards you like rope when you're playing tug of war

Push: is when you push something like a trolley when you go shopping. 
Gravity: gravity is a pull force, gravity pulls everything towards the ground so we don't fly around. 
Isaac newton's three laws of motion

Inertia: an object that stays the same forever until something moves it.

Acceleration: an object that moves fast. the lighter the object the more acceleration.

Every action has a reaction


The materials I used were:
A balloon 

The steps I used to make it was
Measure our things
Thread the string through the straw
Stick the string on to how much of an angle we wanted 
Blow up the balloon
Tape the balloon onto the straw
Let go of the balloon.


I changed my rocket balloon by trying to make it faster by adding on an extra balloon, but that didn't work. The data I gathered was the balloon size, straw length, string length and the string angle. I learnt that one balloon makes it go faster than two balloons.


I can use my new learning about force in the future by taking a test about it. A wondering I have now is if I can change my string angle to 90 degrees.

My activity uses force by the air pushing the balloon to the end of the string.